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    raider 1100

    i am trying to get this 1100 raider on the move again. I got it for 200 with a blown engine. I am now doing the carbs. I need help here. are the carbs sbn 38s and they have one fuel pump. I am having trouble identifing the carb kits and pump kit to use. if you know the mikuni part no it would be great. I can order them but i can not return them so i want to get it right. is there anything about jetting these carbs I sould know? has stock airbox and exhaust.

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    The carbs are SBN 38's and use the same parts as the SBN 44's. Do not rebuild the pump, it is better to replace it. I have rebuilt several and about 50% work. Buy the Df-62 Mikuni pump and cap one of the outlets. it is the same pump you have now.

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    thanks for the info. I will order parts this week end. the pump is not that expensive. the ski has a major dead spot. goes from not on plane to scarry fast with no in between.

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    If you need some K&S filters to replace air box.
    I have a complete set.

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    pulled the carbs off and found some interesting stuff. hi jets from front to back were 107.5 95 107.5 all the lows are 75s. one of the needles and seats was leeking bad around o ring. pop off was all over the place. screw head to hold needle and seat in was stripped out. ( lucky drilled it and could back out with pliars. does anyone know jetting for these carbs. will look to see stock if it is in the manual.

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