2010 rxt-x has zero hours on it.. (build is almost finished) i tore my ACL and meniscus and have surgery and a year of recovery ahead, definatly puts a dent in my racing plans.

i built the ski to race this season and hopefully at world finals, there are both offshore races and circuit racing here and training is obviously a must so i build what i was thinking to be the total package. 1 hull (rxt-x 260) , circuit package using the c kit, offshore package using a kit, and a separate motor for training.

the ski is full from top to bottom with Les Cooke parts, and is built by a professional race mechanic. if anyone saw this hull perform at world finals it has extreme potential and is doing very well on the world stage.

have probably 100 pics of the build and all the parts to accompany it. will put a few up but can email the album to serious inquiries... heres a list from the top of my head but im sure theres loads more.

brand new rxt-x 260
Les Cooke A kit wheel
Les Cooke ECU w/ 8000rmp limit and 8600rpm limit
Les Cooke retainers
Les Cooke extended ride plate
Les Cooke custom steering adaptor
Les Cook oil jets
Les Cook intercooler
Les Cooke adjustable pump cone
RR stainless front mount
Riva Open loop cooling
custom bracket to move intercooler closer
Turbo tech fuel rail
Turbo tech rrfpr
Turbo tech return fuel lines
Walbro fuel pump
updated flywheel bolts
Skat prop
Stainless Steel liner
star bars (fitted into the stock steering)
thru hull fitting
Custom intake grate
4" supercharger adapter
K&N filter
stainless catch can
Boost ,AFR , Engine temp, oil pressure all in the mirrors
drycell battery
blockoffs for stock exaust
blockoffs for ibr motor reverse etc.

circuit motor

stock bottom end as recommended by Les Cook for reliability
Les Cooke C kit
Les Cooke pistons
Les Cooke oil jets
Les Cooke valves
Les Cooke retainers
Les Cooke port and polish
Les Cooke intake manifold
Les Cooke throttle body
Les Cooke ECU for 8800 rpm and 9200 rpm
adjustable throw throttle leaver
RR light weight fly wheel
updated flywheel bolts
BlackMagic headers
Gibson Muffler
Straight exaust

when i started this build there was no reflash ecu for the 260 and there were concerns about the throttle response so i built my circuit motor with 06 electronics and motor for no other reason than thats what was available and easy . the motor was totally rebuilt from top to bottom so it too has zero hours on it aswell.

open to offers would like 25k .. i built this for myself so detail has gone in to every part. feel free to ask questions, there are loads more goodies just cant think of them all ill post a pic of the ski and engine compartment more photos upon request, i live in the cayman islands but can sell to the states.. i can have the ski to miami with 3-4 days notice .