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    Aftermarket raider hull

    I just picked up this aftermarket raider hull, was told it was built by Bullett. Its all hand laid fiberglass and very light. pics here:

    anyways i have a 760 planned to swap in it. but i noticed the motor mounts are moved way back to the bulkhead. measures like 9 3/8s inches from bulk head to motormount bolt. I have several intermediate shaft laying around i was hoping would work, but dont!!!!
    anyone know what intermediate shaft this hull takes? also anybody that knows anything about these hulls, like who made it, and what engine was supposed to go in it, please let me know.


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    those came stock with 1100 motors, but u can put a 65u. which is a 1997-1999 gp1200 motor. u will also need al the electronics and the guages, i actually have the same set up in my 95 raider. minus the carbon hull, i wish i could have grabbed the one u got, but times are tough now and i have a gpr1200 thats been taking all my extra cash!! good luck with ur ski and let us know how it turns out

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    Quote Originally Posted by waverider1200 View Post
    those came stock with 1100 motors

    this hull is not for a triple, it is not a stock hull, it has mounts for a twin, the dude i got it from said it had a 61x.

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    ok then it was an 800 class boat, but still, i would put a bigger motor!!, how fast do u want to go? unless u have a beast of a 760 built to the max!!! i went riding with a guy from on here with a 760 waveraider and i was waiting on him all day.. just my .02 ..not trying to be a funny guy or ne-thing!!.. hope u can find the mid shaft

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