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    piston question for nitro

    Ok so I have an 02 f12 na. Previous owner pickled the engine with salt water and left it for over a year. I stripped the engine down to rebuild and was going to go with the Honda .050 over piston and ring set. But when I went to have it bored I was told it could not be bored as it was plated aluminum and the plating was too thin for .050 bore. So I guess the real question is why does Honda sell an oversize set if it can't be bored.

    So can it or can it not be bored with out sleeving?

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    Your dealer info is incorrect, It can be bored even to 1mm (stock bores are Not coated/plated).

    I can get you any piston size you want. PM me for prices.


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    Shawn [Nitro] is right, it is a steel sleeved motor. If the rust is to deep, you can have it resleeved by someone like LA Sleeve or US Chrome.

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