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    Building a stand-up from the ground up, we have some questions about hull design

    Hello, We am going to be building a stand-up from the ground up. And needless to say i've got some questions! Who ever could help we would enjoy talking to! Please just PM us. thanks!

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    were getting started

    Ok Thanks to everone for the help!

    So were going to be using a Rotax 130hp motor- can't deside if were going with Carb or DI.

    Second- Rick Roy handel pole assy, Well be using OEM SRX KAW parts for the things we dont want to build or can't buy aftermarket.
    We are cutting out the pump and shoe from the 2000 GTX for somthing to work with, and to give us a templete.
    Pump-My plan is to use a pump for a 2000 GTX and Play around with impellers

    For the hull design- well needless to say we have some pretty good Idea's but info from a vet would be nice or maybe no one out there exist.
    We have a 5 axis CNC with a 5x10 worktable and a 36" z-stroke, so making a mold well be no problem.

    Here are some other things that are bugging me:
    Water Injection Kits for Exaust system
    Aftermarket Exaust system (lighter)
    Pump Exit Nozzel size
    Intake Grate
    Ride plate
    Front Sponsons
    Rear Sponsons

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    Post some pics, sounds like an interesting build!

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