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    need some guidance for a gp1200 1999 for good hole shot

    hey guys,

    iv done a huge amount of reading since getting my first ski about a month ago, its a 1999 gp1200.

    every thing is great on it exept for the prop, its a lil worn and bounces of limiter for a bit then gets up and goes and isnt too flash at fast sharp cornering either... so iv ordered a new solas concord 13/19, i dont realy plan on doing any mods to the motor at this stage and want to concentrate on making the ski have the best hole shot possible while obviously trying not to affect the top speed too much, but mainly want great hole shot!!

    i have done sooo much reading and searching that the missus is getting pissed cos im on the computer all the time!! lol so i thought id see if any one here had a spare few mins to help me out and try and lead me in the best direction to get what im after?
    now from what iv read so far im probably on the rite track with the prop, next will be an aquavein intake grate and then a r&d ride plate.. im in australia so not sure of any one who can modify the ride plate for me so is it still worth the money to just bolt straight on?
    also when i get the grate it looks like i should seal it up with mariene sillicone and smooth all the bolt holes under the hull as well? one thing im not sure about is getting a pump plug kit... do u reccon it is a good mod for my ski? every one has done it to differant models.. but cant see much that do it to mine,k so wasnt sure if it was a problem..

    one last question; any one know of people in australia that can recon and custom bend my standard prop? iv heard its not too expencive and would be good to have spare bent to same if not slitly differant to my new solas one..

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    You do seem to be on the right track, youll see a big improvement with the new prop and intake grate. absolutly yes to doing the ppk. as far as the ride plate, you'll see a big improvement in speed and handeling right out of the box.

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    cool, cheers.

    can u reccomend a place to get a ppk?

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    The Pump Plug Kit is a GPR thing as far as I know. I haven't come across one for a GP1200

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    The Pump Plug Kit is a GPR thing as far as I know. I haven't come across one for a GP1200
    That's correct no pump plug for the 97-99 GP's they a have a different set-up and do not need it. The intake grate and a prop with proper edge clearances and bends will make a world of difference.

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    If the prop is wore, so might the liner be wore. Check both.

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    hi mate,
    grats on the ski, i'm new to this pwc stuff too and am about a week away from getting a rebuilt 99 GP1200 (I have only ever really ridden my mates Seadoo 3D and that got me hooked).
    How does the GP's go? I will be looking to mod mine for mainly holeshot too so let me know how you got with grate. And also if that ride plate fixes porpising (I have only heard they porpise pretty bad from this forum .... never rode one yet lol).
    Where abouts in Australia are you? I'm in Brissy

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    for a strong hole shot should have gone with the solas xo prop the 13/19 concord i found to strugle a bit without mods.

    there is no ppk for 97-99 gp1200 just get under the ski with tube of silicon and seal bolt holes in the intake and ride plates

    great ski to mod very light and great hole shot i have done many mods to these skis great fun to ride not like the big boats they make now.

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    Yes, definatly get that liner checked..
    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrotoys View Post
    If the prop is wore, so might the liner be wore. Check both.

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