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    OC Screamer Jetboat

    Wanted to show you this you tube video of our jetboat i drive over the summer at our jetski rental location. Its a New Zeland style jetboat that does 180's, power slides, fishtales, e-brake (moving forward u throw it into reverse and the entire boat ducks into the water throwing 100's of gallons of water into the boat!!). This video was taken the first year we had the boat so i have learned more tricks then whats in the video. You can do a nose off of basically anything it the water which is getting the nose very close to the object and doing a spin around it. Some of the moves Im not really allowed to do because of saftey reasons. We run this from Odyssea Watersports in Ocean City, MD right next to Seacrets bar and grill.

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    Looks like a fun ride! Lots of kawasaki rentals out there, how are they holding up

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    they hold up very well!! we have used kawis in our rentals for about 4 years now. We have pump bearing problems and the typical steering cable, exhaust leaks and so on but we put 300-450 hrs in about 4 months on them. def a great rental ski.

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