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    Goggles in the ocean

    I wanted to see what goggles you guys use when riding in the ocean. Mine(Bugz) always fog up after a few minutes. The soultion I put on them does not help. I was just womdering if it is the salt water that eats the solution off them...

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    Get full sized goggles. Clean them with spit. Seems to work well.

    I've used rain-x on the outside, and anti-fog on the inside, and it does okay.

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    I wear dirtbike goggles when not wearing the entire helmet.

    They never fog up on me. The tops and bottoms are vented with foam on the inside to catch any spray that may find it's way down a vent. Cheap, duoble duty with helmet, and they work.

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    I'm using the Oakley water goggles in the Ocean, work great. Lots of
    vents for air flow and water outflow if needed. No fogging problems because
    air is moving through them.

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