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    Turbo opinions what do u think...

    The ski is a 07 rxp 215hp

    Was thinking about building a turbo ski and was wondering what everyones opinion is on using a motor with stock internals, except valve retainers 8650rpm.

    Would like to hear from people that have done this and there experience good or bad.

    Was wanting to leave the closed loop cooling as i ride in salt water a lot, Already has low temp thermostat installed.

    I want a turbo ski but not if its going to be unreliable!!!

    Nor do i want a ski that will be not rec friendly.

    Was going to use a small t3 and not run anymore that 18psi.

    Parts going to be used are:

    Riva ecu and 50lb injectors

    Riva fpr

    Wideband air/fuel meter

    Egt meter

    External cooler

    etc etc.

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    A turbo up to 18 pounds with stock internals should be fine. Anymore then 18 pounds you will need to blend some race gas in there though. Something like a Garret GT28 Series or PTE 5557 would be good for your application with very little lag. Stock internals should be fine for that amount of boost. It's all in how well you tune the motor really.

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    Stock internals will be fine. If you wanna run higher boost on pump gas add alcohol injection and youll be good to go. If you have any questions ask me or check out my thread. The link is below

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    I ran my 07 RXP with the stock internals and the upgraded Les retainers for about 40hrs or so with a turbo setup and no problems The ski had about 120hrs total on it when I got carried away and didnt play it safe. As long as you dont get stupid and play it safe with the boost I think it will be fine. The parts you listed are deff recommended.

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