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    my stator question

    if i pull out my stator and try to turn the blades with my many seconds should it stop turning??? i was just wondering if my bearing are ok? can i repack and grease the stator bearings??? thanx

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    The bearings are non servicable but I suppose if you took out the stub shaft and used one of those long needles they use for repacking bearings you'd be O.K.
    Are the bearings noisy??

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    And to answer you revolution question if you turn it by hand it will spin for no seconds! to many forces ( ie seals) against it! but it should feel smooth ! Z

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    Careful if you repack them as if you put too much grease in them they can blow the seals out when you start it up .Don't use moly grease as it seoerates at speed .



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    thnx for your replies...i think my bearings are noise at all...i was just thinking how spinable the blades are... i already found the noise problem on my highspeed..its my driveshaft bushing no grease..... what kind of grease do i need to use in the driveshaft bushing???

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    It say marine grease but any grease is better than no grease! Z

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