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    Did I hit the rev limiter or a fish?

    Was riding late this afternoon crusing with a half a tank of gas, 82 degree air at 30% humidity and 80 degree water. The best conditions I have ridden in all summer. Nailed it and a several seconds later the ski felt like I either stuck a piston or sucked a fish through the pump. Backed off the throttle then gave it some more gas and everything felt ok. Got to thinking maybe I hit the rev limiter so hit it again and the rpm shot up to 8450 in just a few seconds so I backed off when I saw 8450. When you do hit the limiter does the ignition cut out that aggresively?

    Accelleration is violent. Has been impressive before, but not like this. I can't imagine what to expect when the air and water temps dip into the 70's. Looks like it's time do put the 81mm ring in to drop rpm's a bit.

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    hi mark

    yes you are hitting the rev limiter. time to nozzle down a bit or pitch up a bit. the tach will never read 8500. once you hit 8450 you are there. try to keep it near 8400.

    mark underwood

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