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    More on fuel problem

    I have checked for supercharger leaks to no avail. Will the software on board show all of the faults that the dealer software does? Also the three times it's been to dealer it shows a fault in the fuel level circuit they reset it" test it" and say it's good to go. I don't know what this means exactly but any help on what to troubleshoot would be great. Also a link to the thread that North49 brought up would be nice. Plugs have been gapped and switched from boat to boat with no difference. Also what effect does the supercharger have on wot rpm, will it run the same rpm with or without the supercharger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summitt View Post
    ................. will it run the same rpm with or without the supercharger?

    No it will not run the same RPM's. Without the supercharger it will run in the neighborhood of 6,000 rpms.

    I suspect that is because of the loss of power from not having a SC in the boat, and not changing the pitch of the prop, the engine can't put out enough HP to spin the prop at those RPM's.

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