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    Quote Originally Posted by Snoman View Post uses the same 02 sensor that the LC-1s and LM-2s is not a one piece unit to were you have to dispose of it if the sensor goes bad..matter of fact to calibrate the unit you have to unplug the sensor and power up the gauge for 30 sec.then power it down,connect the sensor then power it up to calibrate....
    So is there any advantage to this unit then?

    Also noticed they are on EBAY for 190 shipped.. I suspect this is what we should all be recommending now for people needing basic AFR systems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpeconsult View Post
    Yeah, but where is the blue LED? lol.
    Good catch Jeremy.

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    you can change the sampling rate on the lm and lc 1 ...if you slow it down ..the guage will read more steady...but less accurate..instantly ..sometimes it is changing so fast you cant even really tell what it is..

    and i think the guage looks like crap...
    but it is more cost effective..

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    @ what psi # of boost is considered high boost compared to low boost ? ?
    Quote Originally Posted by mrracing View Post
    for a turbo or high boost SC setup, close to 12:1 is absolute save, just as 12.6-12.8 is save and makes lots of power on a lowboost high compression setup.

    I open more then 40 engines every year, and the pistons on a 12.8 AFR setup that have been racing in offshore for long time WOT are absolute perfekt, no melting no deto.

    But you also need the perfekt EGT value.

    @abi lah, why you want to compare AFR settings if your stock hull RXP-X is running 96 mph, with a GT28

    As Jerry posted, AFR is not a option , there is only 1 AFR that is save an makes power.

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    Idle - 13
    off idle to 6000rpm - 13.5-14
    boost 12.8-13
    WOT - 12.5-12.8
    WOT 15psi plus -12.2-12.5

    this is what I tune for

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