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    Seat Cover Install

    I just got my new seat cover yesterday. I'm not sure if i'll try to install it myself or if i'll let someone else do install it. My question is, Are there any tips or things that i should know about when the cover gets put on? Either for my information or to relay to whoever installs the cover for me

    Also- what to do with seat strap-leave on and cover or take off completely
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    use stainless steel staples only,and for the seat strap most people leave it off.I left mine off but its up to you looks cleaner without the strap.
    make sure you heat the seat cover then strech it then staple did you get instructions with it?

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    Depending on the cover you shouldnt have to heat it. M-lines go on with minimal stretching. Stainless staples are a must and an air stapler like at an upholstery shop work much better than electric staple guns.

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    A little searching goes a long way.

    Here is one in the SeaDoo faq

    Here is another one by me, showing parts and equipment and some examples.

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    Thanks. I looked at those pages. I also got the directions from Jet Trim's web site. I'll leave the seat strap off.

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