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    O/T - What is the Best Concert you have been to!

    Well me out of all the Concerts I have seen in my Life the Best one I have gone to is THE Steve Miller Bands Concerts! Man they are the Funnest I go everytime they come to town now!

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    back in the 70's.....the TUBES - What Do You Want From LIVE tour.........., Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare Tour, & Any David Bowie Show..........

    I have a likeing for theatrical rock & best of my knowledge there's been nothing to best these since then.........

    I take that back....never saw Pink Floyd but I understand every tour they've done has been exceptional..................mike

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    Pink Floyd the Division Bell tour 95, Motley Crue

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    In an arena.....ACDC or Van Halen.
    In a bar.....April Wine or Meat Loaf.

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    No music can beat a formula one GP or a day at the track during a Ferrari gathering.

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    To make a point,I will first list some of the rock bands I have seen live.Boston,Heart,Van Halen(d.l.r. days),Santana,Journey,ZZ Top,The Stones,Ted Nugent (my neighbor),Three Dog Night,Ozzy,Foghat,Sammy Hagar(solo),Blue Oyster Cult,Nazareth.However,don't ask how many I actually remember. I have also seen many country acts live.The absolute best live performance I have ever witnessed was Monte Montgomery in a very intimate setting,(small venue,great seats).The mans virtuoso with an acoustic quite literally dropped my jaws.You have to see it to believe it,honestly.Take S.R.V.,Mark Knopfler,Lindsey Buckingham, and roll them into one and you have an grasp of this mans influences and his talent.It was only him and his drummer Phil Bass at the time,but if you weren't seeing it with your own eyes,you would think it was two or three guitars on stage,all on an Alvarez acoustic.
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    Joe Walsh, headlining cheap trick, I think i was 8 @ the time maybe 10 !

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    METALICA and godsmack in what used to be the superdome!

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    My first show was Led Zeppelin, 1975 Central Park NY. Best might have been Grateful Dead at Red Rocks in Colorado.

    you mentioned David Bowie. I saw him on Broadway when he starred in "The Elephant Man" He was great in it but it was really a strange scene. It was half middle aged broadway goers in tuxedos and dark suits and women in gowns and furs. The other half were Bowie freaks.

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    Best concert - U2

    Worst - Van Halen 1984 because I ran into my girlfriend with another guy

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