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Thread: Skeg results...

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    Skeg results...

    Stock machine....other than filled holes, metal washers, and the skegs of course. Still have OPAS too!

    Air: 78
    water: 78 salt/Tampa Bay
    conditons: windy/choppy; 1-2 foot chop. smoother in places.
    me: 170lbs

    It wasn't night and day at first. Turned sharper in the smooth water. THEN the MAIN reason I got them. When I got in the chop it pitched SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than stock. For you salt riders it's awesome. I don't know if I'm using the right terms, but you know what I'm talkin about when you hit the waves and the Doo wants to throw you sideways....well it didn't anymore. Tracked straight! I'm more excited that it'll be that much more comfortable for my wife! Strangely enought I saw a constant 50rpm gain too. I'm running low, at about 7800rpms since I bought it. I hope it's the wear ring. But it ran 7850 which I haven't seen yet. I don't know if it's related but it happened. It seemed to stay hooked up better also! These are a great addition, even to a stock ski!!!


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    Sean Good to here.

    Also one of my RXPS ran 7800rpm's then I repitched the prop and bingo
    8100 and 69mph. Stock.
    Or buy a Riva filter


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    I've considered the filter....whatcha think about a Lowes/HomeDepot DIY 3 or 4 incher. I don't see too many mods in my immediate future(that's what I said about my Jeep too! haha), but I hate to spend that kind of cash on something so simple that I could make myself. How'd you pitch the stock imp? I'd like to check that out after I check hte wear ring.


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    Sean...I'd go with a customer 4", as it is cheaper and you will notice better performance over the riva 3". I did not do a direct comparison, as I just went to the 4", but others have.
    Good to here about your skegs results. It is on the list for my winter mods.

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