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    did i winterize properly

    i couldnt get any where with out takeing tha cooling rod an poured str8 antifreeze str8 down tha cly comparments i poured prolly a good 4 quarts before i saw it comeing out of tha ass end

    where can i get these gaskets so i can reinstall tha cooling rod for next season ,

    i winterized tha fuel ,

    already took out my battery do i need 2 turn it over 2 ad minister fogging oil in tha clys ?

    what tha hell is fogging oil , if anybody can give me a product name i can go 2 advanced auto parts ill be gratefull , i said foggin oil around them an they looked at me funny , so spare me tha look of a dumb ass please

    i took her 2 get a bath an began pulling tha turf mats up so i can either install o.e. or nice aftermarkets ,

    need 2 get another bilge pump also

    i took most of tha lines i thot would be connected an ran air thru them so i shouldnt have any busted hoses at least ,

    i lubericated tha drive shaft coupler but intisapate either a ride plate or skat trak up grade maybe both ,

    next season is gonna be great

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    You need to put the battery back in and add some fogging oil. Fogging oil keeps the engine lubricated throughout the winter. The regular motor oil will just drain to the bottom where the fogging oil sticks. This makes a big difference starting your boat the next won't have unlubricated metal rubbing against each other. You spray it down your carbs until you see a white "foggy" smoke coming out of your exhaust.

    You can buy it at any marine store or's a good site

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