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    Genesis FFI Oil Problem- Please help

    I have searched the forums but cannot find an answer for this problem:

    My friend's Genesis with the Ficht Fuel Injection was borrowed by his son who filled the oil injection tank with Polaris 4 stroke watercraft oil. There was at least a 1/4 tank of 2 stroke oil at the time of filling. His son took the ski out and it ran fine and brought it back home. This makes me think the four stroke oil did not get into the oil injection system.

    My suggestion would be to drain the oil tank and fill with fresh 2 stroke oil and forever bar his son from borrowing his ski. Does he also need to run premix in the event the oil pump is not working for extra protection? If so, what ratio? Is there any additional steps he should take?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    jmason, WELCOME to the GreenHulk forums!!!
    It looks like you almost snuck past everybody. On the fuel injected systems it's not recommended to go pre-mix as the oil is too thick for the injectotrs and may cause a problem, certainly a lean/rich running condition.
    Furthermore there is a seperate line that runs to the crankshaft which enables the crankshaft extra lubrication because the injected engines run quite toasty.
    I'd double check all the lines, replace with a good synthetic, be sure to flush the injectors occasionally and you should be good!!

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    Thanks for the advice. I will pass it along to my friend.


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