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    Thanks, EVN81. had to get a sawzall and a "Diablo" blade. Wow, that Diablo blade made short work of that drive shaft - and man was that driveshaft rusty. Got all the parts ready and will work in it during a weekend so I can take my time working on it.

    New driveshaft bearing and boot
    new driveshaft bumper
    new driveshaft
    new impeller
    new jet pump housing (with bearing, spindle, and wear ring)
    New jet pump seal
    New Bellows
    new drive line kit

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    Good to hear you got all out.
    See if you can put your hands on an alignment kit. Easy to do now all is out. And you make a 100% good job!
    There is one for sale at the classifieds I believe.

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