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    Pro CDI hook up?

    Hi guys. I apologise, I've seen it somewhere. I did the search and came up short. Can someone give directions on the proper wire connections when upgrading a SL750 CDI to the PRO 785 CDI. Thanks

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    Here you go.

    I just verified the operation of the PRO CDI in the 93 750 today, it's perfect thus far, we'll see how it does once the triples are in.

    I'm showing the working RPM's of the 97 PRO785 is 7500RPm and the limiter is set at 7800 RPM. It also has 32 degrees advance at 3,000 RPM so I think it's going to work VERY well with the triples on the 750 (I can't wait). We'll see if I'll run it on 92 or if I need a little VP110.

    The PRO wires up much easier than I initially thought and goes as follows.
    Blue/Red from CDI to Blue/Red from the stator
    Red/White from CDI to Red/White from the stator
    Green/Red from CDI to Green/White from Stator
    White/Yellow from CDI to White/Yellow from Stator
    Black/Yellow from CDI to Black/Yellow from Stop Switch
    Black to Battery Ground
    Black to Box Ground

    I then seperated the wires from the coil pack and wired with individual pig tails as follows.
    Black/Green from CDI to Black/White on PTO Coil
    Black/Orange from CDI to Black/White on Center Coil
    Black/White from CDI to Black/White on MAG Coil
    Black from CDI to Black from Coil Grounds.

    I capped off the following wires from the CDI as I have no use for the exhaust valve electrical signals
    Light Green

    The last couple of wires
    Tan from CDI to Tan from Temp sensor
    Red/Purple from CDI to Red/purple at LR23
    Yellow/Black from CDI to Yellow/Black from CDI (you read correctly)


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    Now, I found that with my sl780...I had to change the ground wire connectors coming from the coils to the opposite sex so they would fit on the pro cdi's wires... and there was something else... it's been a while.. but you will have to change a couple of connectors is all.. also, you can fit the pro cdi in the electrical box without modifying the CDI or the box, you just have to loosen one or more components to fit in in there sideways and then tighten them back up... again it's been a while so I don't remember entirely...

    Here is a link to my pro 785 CDI thread where most of the information on this mod lies:


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