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    I need some input.....

    i got an 05 rxp, bought it last june, has about 50 hours on it. i am in my 3rd year of college (next year will be my last). as of now i have factory warranty. i am looking into extended warrantys. my dealer just gave me some prices...i was planing on just doing the 1 year extended to cover until i got out of school and get heavy into mods. right now i have some bolt ons but nothing major. the prices i got are as follows: 1 year 479, 2 year 529, 3 year 579....

    i thought a 1 year would be like 200 not 479. at this point i dont know if its even worth it to pay 500 for 1 summer of warranty coverage. most likely i will void my warranty after next summer anyway so no sense in getting anything over 1 year. not to mention i dont have 500 laying around at this point in time. i know i have till june to get one but...what do you guys think? (the whole sc washer thing is taken care of, i have metal washers and can change them/shim them myself...)

    btw, i got these prices from Surf and Turf powersports in Lumberton, NJ. 609-267-9991 ask for Coby..he'll hook you up.

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    If you were to float a valve, or throw a rod bolt, it's about a $5000 bill.

    Worth it to some, but not to others....

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    Mike, your warranty could still remain in effect as long as you don`t go into the engine., and if your mods aren`t the major cause of your claim... and it helps being nice to your dealer, always tip the Tech!

    Did you go to Surf, or just call them?...PR...

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    andy, i was down there today. thats only the second time ive been there and each time, the second i walk in the door, somebody is there to greet me and crap. first class!!! i asked for derrick they paged him right away, he came in from the back immediatly. great guys over there at surf and turf.

    both my dads and my ski have j-pipe leaks . freakin piss hol leak sprayin water directly on my sc inlet! so derrick ordered 2 new pipes and we were talkin for a bit.

    i think ill just get the 3 year to be safe. is ecu considered "major"? probably, all depends on what the problem is too. its one of those all or nothing situations..if i get a warranty itll be for 3 years, no sense in getting 1 year when 3 is only 100 more.

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    in the beginnining you had to furnish your serial number to purchase an ECU, which voided the warranty. I don't know of anyone that ever gave a correct number though

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    Mike: you have PM...PR...

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