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    water in my oil tank!!!!!!

    I have just gone to check my polaris msx150 over as I was meant to be out tomorrow, and when i dipped the oil i noted a lot of the white residue you find when oil and water mix, to such an extent I have decided not to use the ski until the oil has been changed (I don't have the knowledge to do this myself sadly!),

    I am pretty convinced that the water is condensation, as the ski was running well last time out and never overheated. Has any one else experienced this? and if so have you found any ways of preventing it.



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    Pull some oil and send it to the lab to make sure it is not a blown head gasket to be on the safe side. Here is one company. Sending the oil to a lab once in a while will give you good information on what is going on in your engine also. It will take about a week to get some results. You can get the results from them through their web site when they are finished to get the information faster than them sending the info back to you in the mail. Hope this helps.

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    sounds like a head gasket bud ,

    change tha oil an run it again ,

    have a shop do a leak down test ,

    build up presure in tha system an plug it up an tha pump has a guage on it an if it cant hold presure then its deffeintly a head gasket

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    Cheers guys, I was hoping it was'nt a head gasket, as it has never overheated, and it only has 12hours on it, I checked the oil a couple of weeks ago and it was clean, it has been stood in the cold (but covered) and then this appeared...... but everyone is saying head gasket so I guess I will have it pressure tested.

    I was reading through the forum on past postings, and it seems that when the ski has little use (which is now for me - winter season), there is a chance of the wastegate seizing, I totally coat and re-coat regurally everything with WD40, (I use nearlly a whole can a time!!) as I only run in salt water. Would this pentrate and prevent seizure of the wastegate or is there a procedure to follow??.

    Any tips would be useful, I love my polaris - but to be honest the trailer has more miles on it than the ski !

    Thanks in anticipation

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    Have you been riding in cold water temperatures?

    Do you ride for short periods of time or run it with just the flush kit often?

    My dealer advised me not to do these things. He said a small amount of condensation can happen if you make short trips or run the flush kit often.

    In my case (it happened to me), it was because I was riding in water temperatures of 33 degree F. The ice cold water would circulate through the warm oil in the oil sump and cause condensation because of the temp difference.

    Maybe that will help you.

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    I have had a pressure test put on the dealer has told me that there is 40llb differential between the two cylinders which warrents a strip down for further investigation.

    But I am still 50 / 50 - I am riding during cold temperatures not sure on the water temperature, but we have ground frost in the mornings!, and I always have to flush because I run in salt water.

    I will post the results once he has the head off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris View Post
    I have had a pressure test put on the dealer has told me that there is 40llb differential between the two cylinders which warrents a strip down for further investigation.
    Sounds like you had a compression test performed. You need a leak down test and yes, 40 lbs difference is not good.

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    Are you going to pull the motor and do the work or is your dealer? I have the motor out of my 150 right now and I am glad to help if you need it.

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    Thanks for the offer,

    I won't attempt the job myself, I have taken it down to a local engineer, we may be looking for tips very soon!. My two nearest offical ex-polaris dealers now refuse to undertake any work on these craft. I can see the furture is going to be very much D.I.Y. Hence the importance of these forums and your offer of help.

    Thanks Again

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    Try to get your hands on the factory service manual. It isn't great but it is better than going at it blind. I also have few tips for you when you get ready to puill the motor.

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