This is from the R&D site

"The R&D 2.5 degree reduction nozzle wedge kit works excellent with Sea-Doo’s GTX/RXT’s 2-position adjustable steering nozzle, allowing either a preferred 87.5 or 85 degree steering nozzle angle setting."

Looks like the steering nozzle makes a degree difference of 2.5! I knew when I had a 2 degree and the nozzle at 85 degree it felt like I was going underwater.

I'm still trying to figure out what the thick part of the 2.5 wedge, measures. I have my 2 degree wedge and JB weld to make it .75 inch on the backside (I think this is 3 degree). Seems to work the best with the nozzle at 85 degrees. I have ordered 3 plastic bushings and I'm going to make them 3 other settings by moving the hole. Then I can dial in the nozzle and wedge like Burnwater has.

Limited05 seems to run fine at 72 with a 2.5 and nozzle at 85 degree.
Burnwater seems to run fine at 74 with a 2 degree and a custom degree between 85 and 87.5 on the nozzle. (Burnwater has a little more juice on his ski so it's not comparable to Limited05).

Meanwhile my 13.5/17.5 solas is coming in to complete my RXT stage 1. I also have my spare pump cone I'm going to try to custom out to make longer and angled up along with the angle of the wedge on the pump.

Hoping I can join the Couch Rocket 70mph RXT club...

I would like to be able to walk by a stock RXP at full speed with my fiance on the back of my RXT and have there mouth drop...