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    Thank you Jose! Yeah I was 99% sure I had the correct hose fittings and after pricing out a 98-99 pipe, I decided to attempt to tap these out for the correct size fitting to use a 3/8" JetWorks valve. So far so good

    Found this hose barb fitting at West Marine. It was the only place that had a 1/8" pipe thread x 3/8" hose barb. And I bought a 1/8" NPT plug from Home Depot.

    Then I grabbed the pressed 1/4" fitting with a side cutters, twisted it and pulled it out

    Then I drilled and tapped the hole

    Pulled apart the whole stinger/expansion chamber thing and cleaned out all the shavings

    Then I smeared pipe thread sealer and threaded the fitting and plug in.

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    If I'd only known it would be that easy. Mine looks like crap right now because I have 3/8s to 1/4 reducers and T and everything. it is such a tight space everything is flexed and coiled around. I will definitely try this when I get back to my GP. Thank YOU

    oh, check out mcmaster carr at for anything you may need fastener wise. I have never not been able to find something there. I got a whole slew of NPT barbs and plugs there when I was trying to build a water manifold and do the project you did. It was all relatively cheap and one of their warehouses is right next door so I receive it the day after I order it.

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    I read what you guys are doing here and I would really like to do this to my GP1200. Which 98/99 or raider 1100 mid section pipe would I need to get and do I need to get the jetworks valve. let me know

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