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Thread: Deal or No Deal

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    Deal or No Deal

    I was sent this by gtxsc03. If you like the TV show you might like this.

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    I love that show...I would like to be on there one day. I record every episode i guess just dreaming i could win some

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    I hate Deal or No Deal. Requires no brains whatsoever, and the 'contestants' are trained in how to act overly exhuberant and dramatic. If I want to watch stupid people behaving like idiots, I'll just watch all the Campaign adds that are running now.

    Plus, Howie Mandel is just plain creepy.

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    that's the beauty of the show. It is solely based on luck, temptation and greed. It follows the basic business model of K.I.S.S.

    Great show.

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    I just won $500.000.............

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    Dam you!! for posting this now I will never get any work done

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