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    Final decisions for winter mods...

    Ok, I am looking for some suggestions from the pros here. I sat down with my dealer and am trying to decide the exact combo I want to go with on my RXP. I currently have the Stage I only. I have my RE block offs sitting here in a box. The rear air kit is on order from Jerry. I am looking at the following additional stuff.

    Riva pro series SC impeller w/ housing (or just an impelller /High boost RR?)
    42# Injectors
    Thru hull exhuast
    Power IC from stage III kit( BOV or not?)
    15/20 solas
    possibly the reduction nozzle.

    Do I need to go deeper to maintain the reliablity? Do I need the valve spring kit? Am I gaining that much from the Pro series SC vs the High Boost RR impeller? Do the washers come with the Pro series housing/impeller? Or am I stepping on myself with the 15/20 AND the reduction nozzle?

    Any suggestion you have would be great. I just know I would refer not to change the ECU.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Excellent selection of parts!

    Definately go with the Riva stage 3 sc. No, it doesn't come with washers, only the impeller and modified front housing. Yes, this sc is a step above the regular RR high boost sc impeller.

    The pro series intercooler is a good choice as it comes with the mandrel bent aluminum plumbing.

    Since you are going with the higher boost SC i recommend you go with the new Riva / Skat 15/19 3 blade. The reduction nozzle is always nice. That way you can easily dial your RPM's in without bending on the impeller.

    You don't need to upgrade the valvetrain as long as you stick with the stock ECU.

    Hope that helped!

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    So you can run the S3 SC with 42# and the stock ECU?

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    You sure can.

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