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    Seadoo rear gas can mount (Save on lake gas prices!!)

    My friend told me he saw a bunch of jetski's (seadoo, yamaha, etc) during 4th of july weekend that had 4 , 5 gallon gas can's tied down on the real plank. He said they were jumping wakes and riding through the chop and they weren't moving a bit. They were doing a long haul down the TN river. Anyone know how they are doing this mount. I wouldn't mind bringing some extra gas cans on a cruise (especially with these gas prices on the water).

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    I seldom go for rides less than 60-70 miles and I usually take two extra 2 1/2 gallon plastic jugs with me. They fit inside a soft sided cooler and the cooler is easy to mount on the back platform using bungee cords. Where I ride, lakeside gas stations are not to be found, but plenty of gators are. Not a place to run out of fuel.


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    A few companies sell mounts for the 3seaters, but even on a RXP you could rig something up with ratchet straps - unless you're handy with a welder.

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    i had 5 gallon jug on back of my ski many yimes this summer... went thru the ocean with it, threu 3 foot chop, thru LARGE boat waves.... 4 hours of straight riding with the gas jug and it did not move a centimeter...

    i just used 4 ratchet tie downs.... going to can, to transom eyelets, to rear grab handle, back and forth and had it really really snug.... worked perfectly.

    Walmart has 5 gallon gas jugs with a nice spill proof nozzle thingy for 9.88 or sometin.... i picked up two of them

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