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    108 hours on 2000 Slx 1200

    I am new to pwc's and just bought a 2000 slx 1200 with 108 hours on the MFD. Is this a lot? Average? Low?

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    Its low for the year PWC... But those MFD's are known to reset very easily and sometimes almost randomly. There is no way to ensure that is all the hours it has on it, and its most likely more than that.

    Overall 100some hours isn't TOO many, but due to the age of the ski, you need to make sure its in good shape to avoid future failures. It could be shoveled together by the previous owner, or could be immaculate... Its hard to tell. A compression check can let you know if the cylinders are in good shape.

    You need to make sure the fuel system is in good shape, and the rest isn't that important. If its running really lean, you can blow it up in minutes.

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    I would say it is low if they are the true hours as the above mentioned they can be reset.

    The number 1 method of knowing if the engine health is ok is to do a compression test on all 3 cylinders. You should be looking for 120psi and up, but more importantly look for no greater deviation of 5% or so between cylinders.

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    Welcome to the HULK!

    Congrats. I have the exact same ski!

    I have 130 PSI on mine.

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    My 2000 SLX has almost 250 hours on it, and I don't ride it much. I'd say yours is definitely low hours.

    I also think the "resetting" of hour meters accidentally is somewhat overstated. I've heard of it happening. I've NEVER seen it. And I've tried!

    A healthy 1200 should have 140 lbs compression.

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    Thanks for making me feel welcome. The hulk seems like a pretty tight forum with quality information and advice. The ski is in pretty good shape but does not have spark. I am currently doing some testing as per service manual and also tests I've gotten from this forum. I plan to post the results in a thread for some expert opinions. Thanks again!

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    Again, Welcome to Green Hulk.
    Press the bilge button while you crank it,see if it starts. Checking the voltage on the red/pur to the cdi is very important.

    A couple pics of the new pwc would be cool.

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    108 isnt bad make sure you keep up on the maint.. i have 250 on my crank and still running great. but mines a 1050 cc.

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