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    V-Force III Cages & 3 degree keyways are available.

    For those who pm'ed me about them. Call me 713-875-1812.

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    This stuff is for real guys. 100+ rpms on the reeds alone!!!
    After 50 hrs they looked like new!

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    Are these better than the M16s from R&D? They are expensive but come with an intake for the 1300 also...They claim 100 rpms... Quote....

    The R&D GP 1300R M-16 Reed Valve Kit will add a significant increase in low-end horsepower between 2000 and 6000 RPMís, as well as boost the peak horsepower range. The R&D M-16 Reed System incorporates a completely redesigned billet intake manifold, which alleviates the O.E.M. manifoldís crossover design, which can add an increase of 100 peak RPMs. No other reed valve or intake system produces more horsepower gains, or is more reliable. The R&D M-16 Reed Valve Systemís technology is backed by 4 National and 5 World Championships in the Pro 1200 Superstock class.

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    The V-Force Reeds do give 80 -100 rpm's with very noticeable low end increase. The longevity is there too. I have read in the past where M-16's had a reliability problem.

    I liked the V-Force reeds so much I put them in both of my skis. In my opinion it is a gotta have mod for a GPR. The spacer is included in Fercho's set-up.

    I gained 80 - 100 rpm's on the 1200. I built the 1300 with them so I can't comment on that.

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    If your thinking about reeds, fernando is they guy!! I did not buy mine from him BUT AFTER POSTING THAT I HAD A CAGE BREAK HE STEPPED UP AND WARRANTIED THEM FOR ME He may not have a 90 mph ski but his service is second to none!

    PS: the cage breaking was a freak thing! My other set has a lot of hours with NO problems! Thanks again fernando!

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    Brad, You're welcome.

    Ross. I had a set of M16 tht I ran with a dominator, I only got 7 hours out of them before a petal cracked. I understand that the R&D off-shore petals were stronger and lasted longer but during the disassembly process I damaged 3 allen sockets and ended ordering a new set of bolts because the original got trashed, a total of 60 bolts all together for all 3 cages, I was so frustrated that I decided to sell them and got me some V-Force II which I only got about 20 hours out of them, GPGA only got 1 and 2 hours out of the second set. Finally gave them up and adapted a set of V-Force III. These are probably the longest lasting reeds available for the GPR. Mtrager and Jims1300 have over 140 hours on them, some other have only gotten 80-100 hours. The longevity of the petal is also affected by the type of water that you ride in.

    If I can be of any help feel free to contact me at 713-875-1812

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    Thanks for the information fercho. I appreciate all the details.. I will be ordering a set but not till feb or march 07..I will be riding with jims1300 sunday so ill talk with him also... Rossnemo

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    these reeds are an awesome bang for the buck.

    I gained 110 rpm's and have roughly 80+ hours o my motor as we speak...

    Its a must-do mod.

    they hIt !

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    Would you guys consider these mandatory when trying to turn a 14/20 Dynafly (o5 pump) in a 12r ? I am also doing FA's and head work (150psi).

    I am not sure what the reeds run but you figure if I have to have the 14/20 repitched its gonna cost me a couple of hours and $100 to repitch it.

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    Well I think that its a matter of opinion. You can push the dynafly with a 1200 if you go down on the pitch, with the cages you will not need to do that and it will pick up acceleration and top end. I just love tham cages

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