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    Best/easiest way to break 70

    Hello all, I have a 06 1300 and want to make a few simple modifications to get a least 70 mph hour out of this machine. It runs great (about 18 hrs). I think, only using the speedo it ranges between 64-66 mph. I'm by no means a mechanic so I need to keep it fairly simple. Our cabin is on a lake here in Montana and there are a few stock RXP's running about that I would like to take on next summer. Any advice would be appreciated. I've only posted a few times but do read the posts all the time. You guys do some amazing things with your GPR's. Thanks in advance...

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    Depending on how far you want to go with your boat to get to 70. Also what type of riding you do.

    Probably the best bang would be a modified ride plate. There are a few options in this area... heres one that will do the job just fine

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    ...if you install a rideplate also change out the intake grate - get a R&D double bar grate - I wouldn't run a GPR with the stock intake grate above 70 because you run the risk of over stuffing the pump and then the ski might end up doing a violent unexpected turn on you

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    Yep, one of Jims or Islands modded plates along with a double bar intake grate should get you pretty close. Best bang for the buck on a GPR.

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    Since your in montana you might need to do more than the average sea level guy would have to. What is your elevation? If your speedo only says 64-66 you are close to 10 mph less than that on a gps. My speedo on my 06 says 90 and gps speed is 70.6.
    1200 grate
    14-20 dynafly impeller
    86.75mm exit nozzle
    jetworks kit
    r&d plate trued
    remove flame arrestors from factory airbox
    seal pump shoe
    70.6 in 93 degree florida day and on a 62 degree florida morning, no difference.
    With literally no engine mods these 06 gp 13s will hit 70 if the hull and pump mods are done correctly at or near sea level. You will probably have to do the engine mods also to get yours to 70 due to elevation.. Cylinder head, keyway, efi controller, reeds. Etc..

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