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    sl 700 case holes??

    Were guessing freeze plugs? a new member at PWC today and maybe soon to be here also is wondering what the two holes in the block into the water jacket are? Z and maybe size?

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    Those two holes are for the water inlet manifold when the cases were used on the snowmobiles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addicted View Post
    I just noticed lol What do you do with the holes in a PWC?

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    Pop in a couple of freeze plugs.

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    700 Holes

    Thanks to alll who helped. How did it ever work????? What happens in the Bahamas..............??

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    If you use the correct base gaskets, you will not have to plug the holes... Of course I have the correct gaskets in stock.. LOL.. and I have some "pre-made" plugs available.. I also have some new & used crankcases for sale..


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