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    ppg lightweight driveshaft design

    didn't someone mention that the bearing carrier(somewhat similar to rr) had a tendency to slip off that piece of hose glen is supplying ? i think it was shibby that mentioned something about that.

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    yep... to me what PPG has posted on their website looks identical to what Rotax Racing is selling for awhile now and what Jerry, Franko, Mitch, Stan, jawz, and several others have tried. (at least i think stan and jawz tried it, could be wrong)

    well needless to say i know 3 of those people sank their skis, and sank em bad and fast!

    looks like the exact same kit to me, but i'm saying "looks" ... could be something i'm overlooking. it's "lightweight" bc u gotta spin the driveshaft down a little thinner for the bearing to slide over it. we're not talking about a drastic change in weight

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    I have been running it all season nothing new.I did have problems with mine but think you just have to tighten down those clamps real tight.I ran B-kit bith no more problems.I will be selling both of mine as soon as I get them out of my boat to make sure they are in good shape.Parting out both of my race boats

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    mitch u got mail

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