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    I need some feedback...

    I am thinking about the GP 1300 or the RXP. I own a FX High output Cruiser and it is a great family wagon but I need a sports car also...for me.

    Debate points.

    A) Four stroke versus two stroke. Why is one better than the other?

    B) Reliability...I am not a wrench. I but exrended service programs as have a business and two kids who don't let me work in the garage that much. I must admit the See-Doo forum has many service issues...I am not trying to stir it up it is just what I see.

    C) Open loop cooling vs closed...I have been told the open loop allows for a cooler running machine. If the SD is colsed loop how does the cooling take place?

    D) 215 HP vs 170...I plead ignorance on this aspect and do not understand how a 170 can keep up with a 215 HP. Is it the modification kits that equilize?

    E) it even possible to get the RXP in the weighs more than my FX HO and much more than the GP.

    F) Manuverability...are they the same...aside from no reverse on the GP. Are they both snappy and fun to drive...I have heard the RXP get a bit difficult to handle at top speed.

    G) Speed...what is it out of the box for these modifications? Honestly. I do not need to win races but I don't want to get spanked every time either.

    H) one really better than the other? Material or craftsmanship.

    I) Compression...How do the numbers specified for each measure performance?

    J) does the life expectancy of each of these engines compare. I just had sooooo much fun this summer I put 100 hours on it with too much trouble. Between Tahoe and Folsom and the 1000 miles in the delta of northern california it was not hard.

    I am not trying to start a battle...I just need help with my decision. I can really go either way right now...and I might be able to find deals on the 06's.

    Thank you in advance for your reply's...I posted it here but it could go on the SD side as well. I hope you all read both sides of the forum.


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    I have both. Stock speed goes to the RXP. But a handful in the rough. The GPR is better in the chop. $1500.00 on the GPR will get you to 70 reliably. $700 on the RXP will get you there. Both are good for 200 + hours easy, without a problem. IMO.
    ps.The Brazos is GREAT!

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    Welcome to the Forum RIO VISTA

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    The seadoos continually have the supercharger clutch failures still.. WHEN it fails, you are at the mercy of the dealer to warranty it, and wait, wait, wait...
    The Yamaha is tried and true and does not fail period. These things are bulletproof..
    The seadoo is much heavier and it behaves much different because of that, but it is quicker in stock form
    The gp1300 is an incredible wave jumper because of hull design and light weight. I have had mine 10 feet high at 45 mph jumping here in florida and it lands soft as a feather everytime.
    Top speed stock goes to the rxp by 1-2 mph, my 06gp went 66.0 gps stock, most rxps go 67-68 stock.
    If you are a big guy like me, the gp comfort and fit is far superior to the rxp. I am 6-3 215 and when i sit on a rxp and turn the handlebars full left or right, the bars actually hit my knees. Not so on the GP13, it fits a big guy perfectly.. On the Gp you feel like you are sitting in it, not up on it....

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    Different strokes for different folks! I'm 6ft 3in and weigh 235 and like the RXP! You are right about the handlebars, so I bought Riva finger throttle extentions, and a prefer the RXP over a GPR. The biggest issue I have over all with the GPR is the gas tank size (Not Great for exploring and long trips). Hat's off with the tuners that bring out the most in the GPR. I personally don't like the wide seat but I think it is one good looking PWC.

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