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    With the Stage 1 Riva kit!

    With the stage one Riva Kit will I be going through wear rings like crazy?

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    no , not that often depending on your water conditions.

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    Under normal recreational riding the wear ring holds up pretty good. But if you ride hard and especially under hard acceleration is when you will have the most shaft deflection and thats what causes the most damage to the wear ring.I assume if you are trying to make your ski faster you ride hard like I do you can expect to be changing the wear ring often.

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    I'm still confused about wear ring wear (sounds redundant). I've got 98 hours on mine with mild mods (basically Stage 1.5 w/ a Solas). I have no clearance or dings in my wear ring but I drive in a clean environment. So - is the damage to these rings coming from debris or movement in the shaft or impeller related to increased pitching or power?

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    No its HP and RPM I can grove one up with my RXT in one hour.

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