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    Anyone use RipCurl wetsuits?

    Most of you know I just got the ski going again, and I`m not ready to put it away just yet, still have to water test it and such, so being an odd size chap (5'6' @ 190#) most of the regular suits Slippery and jet pilot aren`t sized right for me, but today we stopped at Ron Jons in LBI and I tried on a rip curl XL 4/3mm, the torso fit well, but the legs and arms are about 1 inch to long, will have to do until I get a custom one made much later...
    Now I can test this beast! ...PR...

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    Andy Try Brave New World Surf Shop. In Pt Pleasant

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    PR i've used to use a rip curl wetsuit when i surfed Seaside heights, Manasquan, and IBSP. As long as you take good care of it it will take care of you. If you get it wet, wash it in the shower when you get home, let it dry, and hang it up in the closet with a trashbag over it. Don't fold it whatever you do! You wouldn't belive how many people i've seen fold a wetsuit and put it in a drawer only to have it kink up on them when they use it. If you have trouble putting it on use baby powder generously.

    Man just reading Ron Jon's on LBI stirs up some strong emotional memories. I grew up on the water in Bayville. I gotta come up there for a weekend this summer and ride with you man, visit all my old haunts.

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    I have a classic ripcurl set of shorties. They're a L and I am 5' 6" 175lbs. 30" waiste. No problem with the fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Len View Post
    Andy Try Brave New World Surf Shop. In Pt Pleasant
    Hi Lenny!, didn`t have the time to cruise over there, the price wasn`t to bad at Ron Jons...

    Suckmywake told me to look/google for custom suits and I found a decent place in Fl, that you give them your measurements and they make it, sounds good to me!

    01Xdime: def man, come on up, make some time to get over to the NJ shore...PR...

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    tell us how your ride went whats the temp down in nj suppose to have snow flakes possibally this week end.

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    I had the RipCurl suit on today, it was warm enough with 51 degree water temps, and 55 degree air temps with a wind speed of 25-35mph, I was just idling around and the ski sucked up rocks to kill my day ,
    but the suit was ...PR...

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