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    Quote Originally Posted by boatnutt View Post
    great! I just ordered one. i live 150 mile from the nearest dealer. this will be real handy!
    Thanks for your order Joe!

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    you bet, cant wait to get it and try it!

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    If you buy a home system and extra licenses at some point would it automatically upgrade to a unlimited system

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quick06wake View Post
    If you buy a home system and extra licenses at some point would it automatically upgrade to a unlimited system
    No, sorry. If you think you will be using the system for a lot of skis (like in a shop), you are better off getting the unlimited version. We have a limit of 15 licenses we can use on the limited version.

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    I just jump to the end so maybe this has been answered, but will this be available for an apple macbook format?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecbrzx View Post
    I just jump to the end so maybe this has been answered, but will this be available for an apple macbook format?
    Unfortunately NO. I asked a page or so back. I don't use a pc the last one minus the battery
    Is home to minnows at the local lake. I ride over it all the time. Ha ha ha. You could run Bootcamp but I don't want windows shit on my Mac or near it. I see it as kryptonite. I hope they do soon though. I am holding on for that.

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    got it, used it, love it!

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    Couple of weeks ago, Beerdart asked if we could compile a list to advise about replacement components, especially clusters and MPEM's. The following information should help you with determining compatibility:


    '02-05 skis control the cluster via the MPEM. You cannot change any aspect of these clusters & they don't need marrying to the ECU. We don't have any other information about these years, as Candoopro does not interact with these clusters. If you look at the parts info for these years there are multiple part numbers for these years, but we don't know if they can be interchanged. Perhaps someone else can chime in with this knowledge.

    In 2006, they began controlling the cluster with the ECU. BRP loaded a program into these clusters (called a flash program) to give them the features appropriate for that particular year and model. Replacement clusters sold via dealers are shipped with no flash program installed. The dealer is supposed to load the software appropriate for that model into the new cluster using BUDS. The cluster then needs another step, to "marry" the cluster to the ECU.

    Please note that the software that is loaded by BUDS into the new cluster is owned by BRP and is a copyrighted program. This is why CANDooPro cannot perform this function with a brand new cluster. However, Candoopro can marry a used cluster to an ECU.

    The replacement cluster for 06, 07, 08 and some 09's and some 10's are all the same now, it is from 2008 and has the part number 278002270. (There are a couple odd balls that still use the gauge built the year the ski was made and sometimes you can still find the original cluster in old stock) From the factory there is no flash (or sometimes called calibration) loaded in the new cluster. There are 6 different flashes to make the cluster work with different ski's. A good sign that no flash or calibration is loaded, it it will display T codes and it will not allow the ski to start (it will turn over). If it will not start, it has no flash and/or is not married. If the wrong flash is loaded, it may not start, it may display wrong speeds, or have options missing from the display. We had one customer marry a new cluster with no flash loaded on a 2006 and it would turn over but not start.

    Here is a compatibility list as we know it:

    Flash 1
    MY2008/MY2009 for models 148A, 148B, 158A, 158B, 149A, and 149B

    Flash 2
    MY2008 for models 288A and 288B

    Flash 3
    MY2008/MY2009 for models 338A, 338B, 268A, 268B, 188A, 188B, 178A, 178B, 178C, 178D, 318A, 218B, 339A, 339B, 269A, 268B, 179A, 179B, 179C, 179D, 319A, and 319B

    Flash 3
    MY2008/MY2009 for models 218A, 218B, 328A, 328B, 219A, 219B, 329A, 329B, 32AA, and 32AB

    Flash 5
    All boat MY2007

    Flash 6
    All boat MY2006

    So if you are looking for a used cluster to marry it to your ski using candoopro, find one that is in the same flash category as your ski, or the original part number for your ski. Sometimes you may be able to use one from a boat, but we have no way to know if it will work or even function.

    I-Control ski's use a different cluster all together and all of the switches on the handles bars connect to the cluster. This cluster has a built in GPS and built in Buzzer. If the buzzer stops working, it will require a new cluster to fix it.


    2002 - 2006 (and a few 2007's) have MPEM's. The mpem is used mainly as a means to control power distribution, but also control the accessories, or options(VTS, Depth Finder, Compass, Exterior Air Temp, Speed Odometer, Bilge Pump, Lake Temp). You have to let the MPEM know that these options are there (or not there), and the MPEM stores these option settings in internal memory. For whatever reason, these internal settings seem to get corrupted in internal memory (usually lost) usually when the battery is disconnected for a long time. (this shouldn't happen from disconnecting the battery, but it does for some reason) When I bought my 2004 RXP winter project ski, VTS was missing from the options list. So I have seen this phenomena first hand. Using Candoopro, you can select the appropriate options for your setup. You are not really turning them on/off you are telling the mpem to test for them or not. If you have the option disabled but installed it will throw a fault. If you have it the option enabled but not installed it will throw a fault. It has to exactly match your ski configuration.

    Any MPEM from those years can be used as a replacement for any year and ski model. You just need to select the appropriate options.

    When they discontinued the MPEM's and started controlling the skis with just the ECU (starting in 2007), the options are reduced to VTS, Lake Temp/ Speed Sensor, and Depth Sounder.

    I hope this list will be some help. As always, you can contact us directly if you have any technical questions not covered above.

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    We are pleased to announce that we now support all models up to 2010, including the iS models. This includes the models that use the iControl (also called drive by wire) system.

    Note that at this time, we have limited functionality for the iS/iControl models, although the functionality we provide now is the most critical stuff that your need. For example, we allow you to view/change owner info, program keys, reset maintenance reminder, and view/clear faults. Please note that we will be adding in the remaining functionality (like History, component activation/testing ) over the next few months.

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