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    fuel pressure boasted

    This is my story, this is my song. Right or wrong, I have a 2004 GPX 185 HP, 3" air, 2 degree wedge, rr grate, sanded bottom, holes filled. It starts this way, the quest for cheap speed , I installed a fuel pressure gauge and notice at idle the pressure was 42 lbs. At wot fuel pressure dropped to 20 lbs. So right or wrong this is what I done. Using the stock fuel pump to feed a secondary boostfuel pump. Ok, I installed inline a 100 psi pump and reguator with guage. At testing I adjusted fuel pressure up At about 3 to 5 lb increments and stopping at 65 to 68 lbs. I noticed at normal start up the engine bluddered and stumbled briefly and then a normal idle. And above 70 lbs. the same is true The test 200 lbs driver, 89 degree air temp, full fuel, alt 1200. Speed is unknown, my GPS went swimming! Drag racing against my wife with her RXT,,thr GTX would leap out 2 to 3 boat lenghts ahead to about 7000 rpm and the rxt would slowly catch up and pass. Maxium rpm 7650 all day long.
    If this is something you want to try, I bought the reguator and gauge at Grangers for about $22,the fuel pump ebay $40 and the horn relay $5 INSTALL, remove plugin at fuel tank, there's plenty of slack to work with. In line splice a wire to the purple wire, to the group of wires from the tank. This wire is the trigger wire that goes to the horn relay. Pump ground to ground. Pump hot feed wire to horn relay. One hot feed from battery to relay. YOUR DONE! Your engine will now start as normally would with no extra switches.

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    That works, but an easier way is to replace the GTX's low pressure regulator with this Rotax Racing unit. Just snaps right in place

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