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    VTS code

    My VTS stopped working for the 3rd time today, last 2 times were cause by my new lanyard not being programmed correctly by the dealer, this time i got a code. I pulled the code and its 1592 which reads damaged sensor, circuit wires, damaged connector or damaged mpem output pins.The part is VTS position sensor circuit. Does anyone know where to check for the cause of this problem. Dealer is backed up as per usual and id like to have my VTS operable. The screen wont even show the position of the trim which it did the previous 2 times it broke. Im sure this was probably caused by me wave jumping, we had huge waves here in Naples on saturday by wiggins pass, many in he 10 foot range and i was gettin ALOT of air. If I go jumping waves this big constantly is it a given somethings gonna break each time? I already checked the fuse and its good.

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    Nash, remove and re-install the connector bellow the fuses, if I remember correctly the fwd one will be your problem this is the one that controls your cluster, while doing this make sure you hear a double click push real hard, check your cluster to make sure you see the trim bar, might want to add some dielectric grease on that connection.
    Also make sure that there's no corrosion on it.

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