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Thread: attn painters.

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    attn painters.

    need to know what kind of paint to get? a friend wants to paint his gpr and asked me what type of paint is needed. and help would be good.

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    Did some painting on my old XP. Put some high density clear over the color and it seems to be very durable. I'm sure others will chime in.

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    GPRs from the factory are painted with 2pac and in this modern day it is the best.
    Glossy out of the gun, sets very hard and tough, and hangs on like a babies sh-- on a blanket,but beware it's poison, and you should really be masked and suited up to spray it. Cyanide is in it. Same as 'Supa Glue'. Cyano Acrylate is the correct name for that stuff that you can work wonders with, and I also use that quite often.

    I do in fact touch up my '01 GPR under the hull, from pulling it up on the sand damage now and then.

    I put on a decent mask and old clothes to keep it off me before even mixing it.

    Good stuff, but just beware, people have had heart attacks and died when using it.

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    they have gpr colors

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