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    Winter Mods/Repairs

    Well this season has cost me a prop and wear ring. I have 2 more rides in the coming 2 weeks then it is up for the season.

    Anyway-I am going to replace my prop and wear ring. Going with the SS wear ring, but confused as to which prop would fit my mods.

    As of now I have only a Riva Intake, and a Power Pipe. I do plan on going with an intake grate, as well as a possible switch to a thru hull(droneing got to me..)

    I have no real intentions of adding anything extra to the ski, so I need a prop that will match those mods well. Want a good mixture of top end as well as hole shot.

    So... any suggestions?

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    Solas 14/17 prop sounds suitable to those mods...

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    I agree.

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