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    GPSd my wife's bone stock RXT today

    Lake temp: 86 degrees
    E. Temp: 86 degrees
    Humidity: it was drizzling
    rpms: 7,900
    GPS speed: 64.5
    Conditions: 2" ripple
    fuel: 4-5 bars
    hours: 14.8 (haven't changed the oil yet)

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    Phil that's right inline with what it should be. I think that is what I GPSed the first time I checked mine but it was a lot cooler here back in march when I first got mine.

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    GPS'd my wifes with her on it the other day after putting on the Riva grate and wedge, with 4 bars of fuel @ 8100 rpms she got 66.4mph in 78* water with 80* air temp. The wedge and grate make a big difference. Also went to Lowes and for $6.00 made some OPAS Blockups for her. She likes it and can keep up with me on my RXP.

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