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    Polaris fuel injection

    what a polaris virage with a fuel injected motor worth? and there is no spark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfjetlouie View Post
    what a polaris virage with a fuel injected motor worth? and there is no spark.
    Wasn't sure of your year, so I could only link you so far.
    Are you buying or selling?
    More than likely (without testing) it's a bad stator, why not fix it?

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    be careful on what you buy this boat for b/c a emm is 1100.00 and could be your problem. what year is this boat? 02 were good for the red/white wire chaffing on the emm mount and grounding out the power to emm. also ohm out your cps and make sure it is under 200 ohms. a quick check for no spark other than emm and stator is to jump out the 1 and 7 terminal on the 8 pin connector on the emm. this will directly supply 12 volts to emm rather tham the stator having to produce voltage(you are by-passing the voltage regultaor which is built into the emm) oh yeah and up plug the tps and also see if you get spark. a bad tps will do this too!!!!
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