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    3 2006 yamaha FX stolen in sebastian, florida $10,000 reward

    i had THREE 2006 yamaha fx cruiser high output (the black with silver trim two/three seater). i had only ridden them once! they were stolen around oct. 13 in vero beach florida...about 2 miles south of sebastian inlet. i am offering a TEN THOUSAND dollar reward for any info that leads to me finding them. here are the registration and hull numbers: 1) YAMA4769F606 (registration FL4602NH) 2) YAMA4819F606 (registration FL4600NH) 3) YAMA4818F606 (registration FL4601NH). here is a pic

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    Sorry to hear. I've got some very tough old school buds in Vero. I just e-mailed them your data. If they turn up anything I'll let you know and if you wish to visit with the thieves they would save you the bigger pieces.
    I hate scumbags. Good luck!

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    That sucks. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Where were they taken from, house, hotel? Just asking so everyone else can see how these assholes think and maybe keep this from happening to them.

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    THAT SUCKS! Its very popular for people to steal these thing and re-vin them with a title from an older ski since not many cops/people would know its not a 97 something! keep an eye on ebay and craigslist (for parts as well) Hope someone here can help you find them!

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    they were locked up on a floating dock...they clipped the chains at night. i appreciate the help guys! any leads email me at grasshopper305 at gmail dot com

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    Its funny I just found out because my cousin dropped both keypads for his in his canal. if yours were padlocked with the clicker closed let all the local dealers know beacuse, you have to bring both skis into a dealership and hook the laptops up to unlock the skis and reprogram new Clickers. Maybe if they are dumb enough they will gointo the dealers to get new ones

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