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    1997 polaris sl 1050 stator upgrade

    i have 2 1997 sl 1050's and im tired of not being able to ride both of them because of these electrical problems. they both have brand new motots but all the old eletrical stuff. sometimes on will run on all 3 cylinders when i first put it in but after about 15 minutes one of the cylinders looses fire and it runs on one or two. the other sky sometimes has no fire and does the same thing drops the rear cylinder all the time and only runs on 2 thats when it does start. I think iv covered all the simple things like battery and the plug wire ends i actually put new wires and coil cause i had them on hand and it made no difference, oh and what about the plugs does it really matter if you run a non resistor plug? i found this ugrade kit on ebay is this the generation 3 stator upgrade cause thats what i want? sorry thread was so long
    • 2871329 Nyogel
    • 4010403 Stator
    • 4010447 CDI Ignition Controller
    • 5811550 Flywheel Cvr Gasket
    fits 1996 1997 1998----900 and 1050cc. SL SLTX
    Coil not included or Needed

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    Yes, resistor spark plugs do matter. Put the right NGK spark plugs in - they are not expensive.

    You can check the part numbers for the Ignition System Upgrade Kit from my signature links, under red domestic engine Some good parts sources are also listed there.

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