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    RXT and my new prop

    Got my 13.5/17.5 from Impros.
    I'm at 7700 rpm and 63mph.

    I'm shipping back for a repitch, not sure whether to shoot for 8100 or 8000. I'm thinking 8100 so I can do a nozzle spacer/extender which brings down rpm 100 I think.

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    Just checked the invoice when I was going to mail it back.
    Looks like it was just balanced and powertuned with a race finish.

    They didn't repitch it to 13.5/17.5.
    I was running a 14/19 at 7700 rpm 63mph.
    Anyone know if this is good for a stage I rxt. Would the 13.5/17.5 get me to 68 or 69, if I was running 8000-8100.

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    Kinchyle I have a 13/18 Skat-Trak that I was doing 69 plus with and was on the limiter. Should be just about right for your mods. If you want to try it let me know and I will send it to you to try if you want it I will take $150 for it if it doesn't work for you just send it back.

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    Is that a 3 blade ?

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    No its a four blade. The only three blade now is for their Magnum setback pump design with the split driveshaft.

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    I appreciate the offer and I'll keep it in mind when I get my solas back. I already payed for a repitch so I think I'll see what the solas gives me. If I don't get to 68 or 69+ I'm going to consider alternatives.

    I'd like to get a stage 1 dialed in before I go to stage 2.

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