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    Looking for info on MSX 110

    Hey all been reading a lot the last week on the MSX skis and just a couple things I have questions on. One is the compression, should it be the same on the 110 to 150 ? or is there a difference.
    Second question is on the manual. I know they used to be here and that Polaris said take them down. So does anybody have a digital version or know where I could get one for dollars. Or if possible to share it on bit-torrent.
    Im asking because Im looking to pick up a 04 msx 110 for a decent price after I move back west. If I dont have the urge to fix what ever is wrong or it becomes a problem Ill strip it and sell it for the benifet of you guys, and I sale my parts to help out more than make out on the sale.

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    My understanding is that the MSX 150 and MSX 110 engines are internally exactly the same. The differences are in the intercooler and turbo configuration, and the ECU.

    Somewhere on here are several threads listing what needs changing to turn an MSX 110 into a 150.

    Lots of things to check for when buying a Weber powered MSX. Cylinder compression obviously, but also look for any signs of the Nicasil cylinder plating starting to flake off. Any signs of metal flakes on the spark plugs or on the piston tops are not good.

    Also check the waste gate for sooth operation, and look for signs of oil contamination in the air tract or oil level over-filling.

    My take on the Weber engines is that almost all of them will need work, either right away or in the not-too-distant future. Some will need a complete engine rebuild (even though they are running). You must be OK with the real possibility of it having troubles of some sort.

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    Ok got it. Thanks for the info, I wasnt sure if they had different squish or not but figured they were the same block at the least. Now I know. What is a reasonable going price then if it does have problems. I know he reported it had water in the oil, like most seem to get and it flashes a warnign now and then but runs good.
    Ohh and thanks a milliion for the PM.

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