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    "How To" Ride Plate angle/height measuring:

    measuring the ride plate angle for setting up the ride plate.
    pretty simple. Take a 4 ft level or suitable straight edge and place on (under) the hull just behind the keel. There is a cross + marking right there, place the level on that mark. Hold the level/straight edge up to hull across the shoe and take your measurement at the end of the ride plate to the top of the level/straight edge.
    It is important that the shoe be square/true and flat. (Which should have been addressed when installing a PPK.)

    the small jack is just to hold the level in place while I take the pics. there are multiple views to get the idea.
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    You say nothing about after you take the measurement .... what should that distance/height from level edge to hull be ? An inch , 3/4 inch ... please give us a # if possible ... Thanks

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    this should be removed.. there is no image and no explanation of anything lol
    or just revised, i would like to do some shimming.

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    I 2nd that

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    Why the heck is this a sticky? This is worthless.

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    do we have anymore information on this?? no pictures or videos ? this doenst help at all lol

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