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    RXP and Wakeboard winertization

    I live in Maryland where we get below freezing weather. Last year I paid for the dealer winterization - this year I'm not. Is there anything tricky with pulling the plugs and fogging them? (Special seals ect...) Do you fog the carbs (if 4 strokes have carbs) If they have them where are they? Do you fog until the engine quits? No need to explain anti-freeze I have a pump for that. It's starting to get cold, any input would be helpful.


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    I'm not sure if ever fogs their engine but i did. Its ease. Take the rotax engine cover off. You'll see the 3 fuel injectors. Take the 2 screws out and take the fuel rail/injectors off. Spray fog oil in each hole. Amount in eash hole should say on the can of oil. Reassemble. Hold throttle wide open and then crank for about 5 sec. That distributed the oil into the cylinders. Thats it. Or all I did. Took about 10 min. at most

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