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    Putting a SL650 back together - any tips?

    I recently acquired an SL650, with all parts included.
    The previous owner soaked the coil, and had it replaced. The engine and all parts are with the ski, but I need to put everything back together. He has 3 other jet skis and didn't feel like putting this one back together... He mentioned that it ran very well before this happened, and assumes that it should run just as well once it is reassembled.

    I'm mechanically inclined, as I used to be a turboshaft jet engine mechanic in the Marine Corps, but I have zero experience working on engines such as this... I do, however, have a Clymer manual, a decent tool set, and 2 sons dying to crank this thing up.

    Any hints, tips, or suggestions would be SINCERELY appreciated.

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    Well, what exactly needs to be done.

    What state of disassembly is it in?

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    Soaked the coil? well for starters their are three coils! post some pics! maybe grab a manual! do you ebay? and welcome! this will be easy for u! Z

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    Hey Pierson WELCOME to the Green Hulk forums!!

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    Read 2 steps ahead in the service manual before you do anything. They like to tell you to do this, and then remind you later too watch for that. And dry fit the parts together before you torque anything, to get familiar with what to watch for. Just take your time and don't drop anything in the hull. It is a son of a ... to get it out. You'll see what I mean.

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    SL 650 Re-Assembly

    From my somewhat limited experience with a SL 750........Before you start assembly verify, piston, cylinder clearances are correct(correct parts)1. Use a torque wrench.2. Use Permatex Copper Gasket Spray on Cylinder head metal gaskets (per SBT)3. Use Permatex Hi-Tack on Paper Gaskets (SBT)4. After assembling case, pressure check to verify no leaks(, "About Air Leaks")5. Consider Removing Oil Pump and going pre mix.6. Use Mikuni parts and re-build the carbs.7.Inspect the jet pump. Remove the cone, check for water.Re-build as necessary.Clymer suggests Locktite Gasket Eliminator515 for sealing the cases, but I've seen other products recommended, can't remember where though. Someone else will post probably.
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    Thanks for all of your responses and info -
    I'll post some "before" pics up tonight -
    I looked through the manual pretty well last night, have a pretty good plan of attack...
    I'm at work now - but will reply later when I have more time.
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