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Thread: Rivas 4"intake

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    Rivas 4"intake

    So what did you guys think about rivas new 4" intake with venturi and outwear looked pretty trick. Has catch can and all. Was on display at WF

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    Very trick, saw it first hand.. Beating the door down at Riva,can't wait

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    anyone have a pic of this?...PR...

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    any body got a pic

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    Jerry does. Check the thread he started about RIVA when he visited to try the S3 RXP.

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    Here's a short video clip of the 4" rear intake displayed at the World Finals in Riva's booth. It also shows it installed in a stage III. I like!

    ... and if this video doesn't work I'm tradin' in the iMac
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    wow, they cut 2 huge openings in the grab bar. not sure if im comfortable with that but the intake really looks nice....$$$$$$

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    That is really cool.

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    As long as that flow rite screen is there you have no worries.

    Nice video Jeff. Thanks for posting!

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    Looks like a lot of bends, shape and diameter changes. Will this be as good as a 4"tube that most are doing for low prices?

    Also, looks like RIVA added a bunch of stuff to this setup...flowrites on the cowling, and then cutting the grab handle. Seems like that will produce more/better gains than simply installing their rear intake and catch can. Or will they be offering that cut grab handle?

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